Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital


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Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital was founded in 2017. We currently serve the dogs, cats, and other small animals of the community. The hospital functions not only for wellness exams and vaccines but can also provide care for ill pets and emergency cases. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment or to ask us about our hospital!

Puppy with Stethoscope

Wellness Visits

Yearly exams are performed once yearly to evaluate your pets overall health. Our spacious exam rooms are designed to keep your pet comfortable and stress free. We emphasize the need for prevention of infectious disease and parasites for your pet with vaccinations and several parasite prevention options. As your pet gets older we offer early detection blood testing to find signs of illness before your pet is showing symptoms

Dental Xrays and Tools

Dental Services

Dental disease is one of the most important issues we see regularly in veterinary medicine. Tartar and gingivitis not only causes oral discomfort and pain but puts your pet at risk for spread of infection to internal organs. Our hospital has an advanced digital dental x-ray unit that can precisely determine the dental health of your pet. We offer full dental cleanings and have the equipment to perform more advanced dental procedures, such as tooth extractions, when needed.

Surgical Room

Surgical Services

We offer both routine and emergency surgical services at ur hospital. As your pet becomes an adult a spay or neuter procedure is recommended. For larger dogs gastropexy surgery is recommended at the same time as the spay or neuter to prevent bloat. Our surgical facilities also allow for other advanced surgical procedures. For all surgical and anesthetic procedures we use the most up to date anesthetic monitoring to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Xray with hook embedded

Inpatient & Emergency Services

Our facility has the monitoring and equipment to monitor and treat patients in hospital who require more involved care. The hospital has IV fluid pumps, comfortable enclosures for patients and even has an oxygen cage. On call/after hour services will also be offered for emergencies on our off hours, holidays and weekends.

Specialty Services Table

Specialty Services

Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital has access to board certified veterinarians that can provide specialty services in order to provide more advanced care for your animals. Radiology, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, and surgical services are offered with board certified veterinarians when scheduled in advance.


On-site Diagnostics

Our hospital offers digital x-rays, ultrasound services, as well as bloodwork machines on site so if your pet is sick we can have test results within minutes. We also have the equipment to run urine testing and cytology on site.